what is triond

Triond is an online article publishing website, which allows you to publish your work online and get paid for it. You are paid through Triond advertisers who place ads beside your articles. You can also activate Google Adsense, which puts on additional ads to your page (but pays you also, resulting in more money.) The money made depends on the category. Poetry and the like generally make less money per click than the others do.

Triond shares the revenue with you in a 50-50 split, which means that you get half and they get half.

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Triond has many positive features. The first one I'd like to mention is the incredibly low minimum payout required. Once you earn over 50 cents in a month, they'll send it to you via paypal. (You can also receive your earnings through Western Union or check). (you can open your paypal account for free)This is great for new writers, because there's something very encouraging about getting paid for your work, even if it is small.

Triond have badges, similar to the way hubpages does. You earn badges after a certain number of article views, articles published, people referred and so on. A cool feature are the specials that Triond has.
My badge for completing the October 2010 special

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

The idea behind the Triond specials is simple. In certain months, if you manage to write a certain number of articles, you get bonus money and a badge for your efforts. Since the introduction of these they have been a huge success, resulting in Triond announcing many more.

The most recent one was the September 2011 Special, and this is the way it worked:

Publish 5 articles + 5 flags and get a 10% bonus
Publish 10 articles + 2 flags and get a 20% bonus
Publish 20 articles and get a 30% bonus. No flagging needed.

The "flags" refer to you reading other people'sTriond articles and flagging

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