How to create attractive banners to make high traffic sites

Make a Free Mobile Website with DudaMobileThere are a few hurdles to hop over before you get successful click through ratios from banner advertising. This article has provided 4 tips and techniques which it applied should be able to increase your banner click through rate substantially.

Tip 1:
Host your banners on high traffic sites.

 Think of it as choosing a place to put your shop front. Depending on the niche you are in, the high street or a shopping centre would be most ideal for locating your shop. In the same way, placing your banners on high traffic sites will ensure more people see them, and ultimately increasing the chances of a click-through.
First off, ensure you use proper copy. Considering that you don't have much space in a banner, each word you use is critically important. Use words like Free, Win, and Money, to get people's attention.

Tip 2

Make sure your banners attract attention.

 If your banner is generic, looking just like any other banner, chances are nobody will recognize it. Your need to make your banner standout well enough to grab the attention of your audience.
This can be achieved by using quality graphics. Use graphics that instantly attract your prospect's attention. Graphics like fifty or hundred dollar bills, coins, stop signs, and error messages all attract people's attention.
Depending on your target market, you can attract different prospects with different graphics. If you're targeting men, use photos of sexy women, cars, aircraft, motorcycles, or sports photos.
Women are attracted to sexy, muscular men, cosmetics, beauty products, and romance.

Tip 3
Now that you've got your prospect's attention, you have to make them so excited about what your banner is offering that they just can't help themselves, they have to click. One way to increase chances of getting the banner clicked is by using animated banners. A simple ways to get people to click on a banner is to challenge them to click on a moving object. As soon as they click on the banner, even if they miss the moving object completely, they are whisked to your site.

Tip 4
Every banner you create should have your URL (website address) clearly displayed on the banner. If, for some reason, the banner doesn't work, your prospect still has a way to find you. It's not often someone will take the time to copy a URL off a banner and enter it into their browser, but there's no point in losing a sale because you didn't do it.

And remember, size matters; odd sizes and shapes get more click through than the regular 480 X 60. If you can use vertical banners instead of horizontal, you'll see an increase in your click through ratios.
With these tips and techniques, you should be able to increase your banner click through substantially. It goes without saying that will need a way to harness all the traffic you get from your banner advertising, capturing the leads to market to at a later date
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What is udemy social Branding

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What, I know you're asking, is a Udemy (pronounced you-duh-mee)? Actually, if you are a relationship marketer (and if you're an online marketer, you are a relationship marketer), it can be nothing short of a Godsend. To make short of a very long answer, Udemy is an online teaching platform that is open to anyone who wants to teach something that they think others might want to learn. If you have a level of expertise in an area, you can create a few instructional videos, PowerPoint presentations; PDF's or even audio files and upload them. Poof, you now have a sell able course!

Online learning is a hot market, and luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg and Harvard professor Robert Allison have jumped on the Udemy bandwagon, offering courses (Zuckerberg's is even FREE). The reason is simple; the people that run Udemy actively promote courses for their "professors" on venues such as Facebook, even offering promotions and discounts to bolster flagging sales. There is even a built-in affiliate program, offering 50% commissions for those who promote courses taught on the Udemy framework; a caveat is that this option is not available immediately for all courses, and the teacher has to apply for his course to become part of the affiliate network.

What this means for internet marketers is the ability to sell their own products without having the expense of web hosting and maintenance, site design and the other ancillary costs affiliated with online product sales. Simply fill out your profile, design your course, upload your material, apply to sell, set your price, and you're done! It really is a simple interface, and they kindly offer a free video course to teach you how to properly use it. If your sales are flagging, they'll even email you with advice on proven ways to make your promotions more effective.

The beautiful part of Udemy is its social branding component. Each course listing contains the name and picture of its instructor, and when a potential student clicks for more information, the instructor's profile is listed along with the course description. Students can recommend favored courses to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, and both students and professors can be followed from within the course's home page, creating the possibilities of cross sales coming from students who have friended students in other courses. One of Udemy's claims is that they make their top instructor's famous, and they aim to deliver.

So, if you have a bunch of related PLR videos and eBooks lying around, reconstitute them (re-record the videos in your own voice, give the eBooks new covers), add a little something extra (mindmaps, audios, etc.), and get to building a course. Give a couple away for free to build a following, and you'll soon Udemy your way to the bank.

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Top Blog Commenting Rules to follow

Most Effective Blog Commenting Must Follow Rules

Go Through Complete Post:- Most of the time we just give a quick look on the title of the post and its content and move down to the comment fields. If you really want to make a comment which stands out from the other ones, then you must read the complete post once. Only then you will be able to give your detailed views and reviews about the post. I often learn a lot when I read content from other bloggers
  1. Give Importance to Others:- Blog commenting is not only about giving your views and sharing your thoughts. It also includes listening to views of others and giving them respect and importance. I make a lot of friends when I post replies or even when I receive replies from others. Always give your opinion, never try to impose it
  2. Be Real:- Never use keywords in place of your real name. Sometimes when I see people using keywords in place of their names, I laugh and wonder who is this person with such awkward name. Anyways, using your real name automatically adds more value to your comment since readers come to know you and can rely on your views. Using keywords can even land you in spam.
  3. No Links in Content:- Due to increase in spammers and blog commenting software, comment policies are now getting stricter day by day. If you leave any links in the content field of your comment, you will automatically land in spam. Hence, try to avoid using links in the text field until it is extremely necessary.

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  5. No Spamming:- Last but not the least, we all hate spam. Never try to post unnecessary comments anywhere. You should comment only when there is a need. Also, you must not leave irrelevant comments.
Blog commenting is a practice which if followed properly can lead to increase in high quality backlinks, traffic, readers and subscribers. Hence, whenever you hit the comment button next time, keep the above rules in mind.

Best Link Building Tips In seo

Link Building Tips:

Guest posting. For guest posting, you need to know three things; how to find the right sources, how to write well and how to promote your post. My Blog Guest is a place where lots of people post to build links. Guest posters are allowed a link in their bio or content, so this is a great opportunity for link building.

Link exchange. Exchanging links with other webmasters is also a good idea. You can submit your link exchange request in the webmaster website's contact form. If you want to exchange links with bloggers, check out blogging platforms. Many of them would prefer to discuss their posts in the places where the right audience is concentrated.

Link juice. Link juice is the practice of passing link popularity from one page to another. It's also described as a term generally used to express the amount of page rank given to a page from an external link. You can give links to pages within your website from your homepage and this will help that pages improve PR.

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Deep linking. Deep linking is making a hyperlink that points to a specific page or image on a website, instead of that website's home page. Deep linking is a good way to increase your website's overall visibility.

Social bookmarking. Similar to social networking, social bookmarking gives a great opportunity to build links and improve visibility. Despite a number of social bookmarking websites, not all of them are actively used. Keep in mind that you need to join and build links on reputable, high-ranked and appropriate social bookmarking websites. Before you create an official page on any website and develop a link building strategy for it, ensure you have come up with the right choice.

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Use social media for discovery. Icerocket and Followerwonk are two good tools that help you keep an eye of bloggers on Twitter who might write about the content that is related to your site or what topics are trending, which is also a valuable information to know.

Forums, directories. You don't need a page with lots of inbound links, you need a page with relevant inbound links. Don't submit into directory, forum or the like just because it's a place you can submit a URL. Make sure you choose the relevant source with the right audience. What you want is to improve the visibility of your website and drive a targeted traffic to it.

How to use facebook to attract traffic

use your Facebook as a platform for your brand
your Facebook face page should be the local point for your brand.This is your chance to show the world ,what your all about .many times ,prospects will come to your Facebook page well before they visit your website ,so its important to make a good impression
Be sure to include content that will further your brand strategy this includes :
  • regularly posting helpful links and notifications
  • choosing a profile image that accurately reflects your brand and is easily recognizable
  • posting photos that represent your personality (remember ,people buy from people)
  • encouraging interaction and haring
  • Responding to feed back in timely and professional way .
The best practices will help attract leads to your Facebook page ,where you'll be able to build your brand and the trust of your prospects

choose your URL
for a little added help in your seo efforts ,choose Facebook username extension( will help drive traffic and brand recognition .To select your username extension, go to
Start your Facebook ad campaign

Free Shipping & Returns

Facebook ads are not free.but they can bring huge ROI to your lead generation efforts .Facebook had the power to reach 500 million users- but more importantly.,it has the power to reach the exact types of prospects who will be willing to learn more about your business .its time you started a Facebook ad campaign, Here is how:
Determine your objective
Begin with the end in mind .there are basically two out comes you can have with your ad:
direct response or brand awareness
Direct response:-
the result of a direct campaign could include visiting a website or landing page ''liking''your Facebook page,downloading a report,registering for an event or any other type of action your prospects might take,Typically these types of ads will include acost per click

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