Blogs have now become as essential tool for all major of the web companies contrary to what the perception was when the concept was originally formed. Hence all companies and really acknowledge blogging to be of great value.

Though it may seem quite a simple task but some companies really have to work on it. Below are three steps that would help you grow the readership that you demand for your blogs.
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1) Be Unique and Regular

This is by far the simple and well to do technique to outgrow not only your readers but as well as keeping your readers hooked to your blogs. Hence coming up with new everyday or whenever you have scheduled yourself to update your blogs. It may sound very simple to the ears but once decided keeping firm on it is the real test that many bloggers have to undergo.

What you should do is post at least thrice a week because this happens to be the ideal scheme of being there in your readers mind regularly. However do not ever make that mistake of updating all your blogs at one time for the chances are such that you readers would scan through all your stuff not caring to read it. Hence a gap is definitely needed in there to create anticipation among your readers.

Plus there is an utter need to stand unique- stand out of the crowd. With so much going on in the writing and blogging world you have to ensure that you are putting something new on the table if you want to grasp and sustain the readership for your blogs. Offer something that has not been presented before.

2) Promote Feedback yet Exercising Control

Feedback that is comments are a crucial feature of blogging hence you definitely need to regulate a policy in there. Being liberal is one think and allowing everything un-moderated is not acceptable at all. Your policy should steer clear of all abusive and spam feedback. However this does not mean that criticism or negative comments are not allowed but there should be criteria that should render a certain comment as critical or abusive on the other hand.

CAPTCHA, is a great tool that would help you exercise control on the kind of feedback that you receive back. This is helpful because if you wish to moderate what you receive it needs to be conducted rapidly and under some authority. In general, readers tend to lose their interest if it takes more than usual for their comment to be up listed.

3) Be Responsive

Don’t just upload your blog and disappear from the stage completely. It is courteous to reply to questions as well as present a counter opinion as well. This gives the reader a sense of satisfaction that their comments matter and are being heard and people would definitely turn to you. Either reply in a single post to all or individually, whatever suits you the best.

Blogging may seem easy in its initial stages but maintaining the readership is what counts formulating a structure and policy in this regard.

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