How to use facebook to attract traffic

use your Facebook as a platform for your brand
your Facebook face page should be the local point for your brand.This is your chance to show the world ,what your all about .many times ,prospects will come to your Facebook page well before they visit your website ,so its important to make a good impression
Be sure to include content that will further your brand strategy this includes :
  • regularly posting helpful links and notifications
  • choosing a profile image that accurately reflects your brand and is easily recognizable
  • posting photos that represent your personality (remember ,people buy from people)
  • encouraging interaction and haring
  • Responding to feed back in timely and professional way .
The best practices will help attract leads to your Facebook page ,where you'll be able to build your brand and the trust of your prospects

choose your URL
for a little added help in your seo efforts ,choose Facebook username extension( will help drive traffic and brand recognition .To select your username extension, go to
Start your Facebook ad campaign

Free Shipping & Returns

Facebook ads are not free.but they can bring huge ROI to your lead generation efforts .Facebook had the power to reach 500 million users- but more importantly.,it has the power to reach the exact types of prospects who will be willing to learn more about your business .its time you started a Facebook ad campaign, Here is how:
Determine your objective
Begin with the end in mind .there are basically two out comes you can have with your ad:
direct response or brand awareness
Direct response:-
the result of a direct campaign could include visiting a website or landing page ''liking''your Facebook page,downloading a report,registering for an event or any other type of action your prospects might take,Typically these types of ads will include acost per click

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