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Many of us love to chat with our friends or family members online most of the times because the

World Wide Web creates a comfortable, secure and flexible form of expressing our natural

desire to socialize. Not very long ago, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace created an entire

revolution of online communication. They also gave birth to a new way of earning money on the

internet - social networking that pays to chat. One particular social networking site that I

stumbled upon and became obsessed with was Birejji. Birejji is a very simple social networking

site owned by DynaDot, LLC. It consists of villages, or chat rooms, where people can join a group

(often created for a particular subject) and get paid for every post they make. The catch is that

people have to follow the rules, and the most common rules include respectful posts, writing at

least 5 words, no double posting and no link spamming. To keep Birejji from being filled with

spam and hatred, every village is strictly moderated. The rules, however, are not so different

from Facebook or Twitter rules and are not out of the ordinary. Birejji accepts people from all

countries so people can chat in all languages, which is another great thing about this social

network. Sometimes, I find this site to be even more entertaining than Facebook for the fact that

I can get paid just to socialize with people. If you happen to be a person who loves to chat with

other people, then Birejji is just for you.

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