importance of google +

just when you thought you had social media covered with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, now there's Google+. And it turns out that for small businesses who don't have as much time as they'd like for social media anyway, Google+ may be the most important one to start focusing on.

Social media analyst/blogger Chris Brogan writes that he's getting a lot more traffic to his website since engaging with Google+, and frankly, that's enough for me to take the platform more seriously. He notes that, "First (and important) Facebook is not indexed by Google for search results, meaning that everything you do inside there stays inside there. Second, Facebook and LinkedIn both are set up for more of an 'exclusive' model, which means that you have to know someone to know something. That's why you see companies pushing so hard for 'likes,' and why you see people spam the LinkedIn Groups."

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So, if you haven't already, start your Google+ activities this week. The best thing to do when getting started is to specify your "Groups" early. Like "Clients," "Prospects," "Influencers" and make sure your posts are available to those people. If you get this platform under your belt now and grow with it as it grows its scale and features, it's likely to be a very valuable addition to your overall marketing strategy. No matter what your entrepreneurial niche, you can't afford to ignore it. Please share what you're doing with Google+ by posting a comment.

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