Top Blog Commenting Rules to follow

Most Effective Blog Commenting Must Follow Rules

Go Through Complete Post:- Most of the time we just give a quick look on the title of the post and its content and move down to the comment fields. If you really want to make a comment which stands out from the other ones, then you must read the complete post once. Only then you will be able to give your detailed views and reviews about the post. I often learn a lot when I read content from other bloggers
  1. Give Importance to Others:- Blog commenting is not only about giving your views and sharing your thoughts. It also includes listening to views of others and giving them respect and importance. I make a lot of friends when I post replies or even when I receive replies from others. Always give your opinion, never try to impose it
  2. Be Real:- Never use keywords in place of your real name. Sometimes when I see people using keywords in place of their names, I laugh and wonder who is this person with such awkward name. Anyways, using your real name automatically adds more value to your comment since readers come to know you and can rely on your views. Using keywords can even land you in spam.
  3. No Links in Content:- Due to increase in spammers and blog commenting software, comment policies are now getting stricter day by day. If you leave any links in the content field of your comment, you will automatically land in spam. Hence, try to avoid using links in the text field until it is extremely necessary.

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  5. No Spamming:- Last but not the least, we all hate spam. Never try to post unnecessary comments anywhere. You should comment only when there is a need. Also, you must not leave irrelevant comments.
Blog commenting is a practice which if followed properly can lead to increase in high quality backlinks, traffic, readers and subscribers. Hence, whenever you hit the comment button next time, keep the above rules in mind.

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