how to make money from twitter

Twitter is the most powerful, active and established microblogging network available at this time.

Just by focusing on building a relevant, targeted followers base, and staying consistently active within the twitter community, you can easily build email lists, pre-launch products, promote affiliate products and even conduct all of your market research faster and easier than any other method online.

Twitter is a fantastic promotion and branding tool if you know how to use it.

Furthermore there are lots of ways to monetize your Twitter account.

Here is just one tip.

You can participate in advertisement campaign by signing up for programs like Magpie.
When you sign up with Magpie, you give permission for the program to use your Twitter account to broadcast ads.

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You simply tell them the niche you are interested in advertising and they will tweet to your account with your approval. It will not go out of your control as you decide on the frequency of the ads and what types of ads they can send.

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If they use your Twitter account to display advertisements, you get paid. You earn money in two ways: first you receive a commission based on sales made from your ads and secondly you get paid per tweet. How much you get paid depends on your niche and how many followers you have. This is just one tip; there are many more ways to monetize your Twitter account.

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