awsome tools for marketing our product

  • 1. Stickers
Stickers are for kids, right? Right. And they’re also for companies who are serious about success. Look at your computer.right now… notice any stickers? Maybe a Mac or Apple sticker, a Windows 7 sticker, an Nvidia sticker? Do you make as much money as these guys do? No? Maybe it’s because you don’t have those oh-so-cheap-put-them-anywhere-and-everywhere-powerful-branders-called-stickers.

  • 2. Event tickets

People notice eventTicket. And when they’re handed out for free, people attend events. Why not create your own event – say, a picnic in the park with live entertainment – and hand out free event tickets? You’re in control of the event, so think about the opportunities for promotion! And, even people who don’t go will get a dose of your brand from their tickets.

  • 3. Magnets

This one’s so easy and cheap – print a calendar and a special coupon code alongside your logo and contact information on the magnets. Your customer base will use your magnets, darn near every day.

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  • 4. Banners

Oh OK, so you do use vinyl banners … in front of your location, right? Why not in front of your competitor’s location? Just saying …

  • 5. Booklets

Booklets win business. Why? Because you can print content that helps your customers. Microsoft did this with its ad serving system – a how-to on search engine marketing. A bookstore could do this with a how-to on book, aquarium set-up, etc. Any business can find a way to create a valuable booklet for its customer base. You should, too.

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