what is bitdefender sefigo

Bitdefender Safego is a nice free application from Bitdefender, which can be used to protect your Twitter account. You need to authorise this application to access your Twitter account information like Tweets, followers etc. It helps you to keep your Twitter account safe by

checking unknown users before you follow them
checking the accounts you are following
scanning your direct messages for spam, suspicious links or highjacking attempts.

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BitDefender Safego For Twitter

The Safego uses the Bitdefender antimalware and antiphishing engines to scan URLs in the cloud. Safego uses colour codes to indicate the threat level, where red indicates highly suspicious accounts, yellow indicates moderate threats, Grey low threats and Green indicates no threat.
If Bitdefender Safego finds a Twitter account as a suspicious by scanning real-time, it will add an unfollow button on the application dashboard. Safego scans the Twitter account in the background, and if it finds some threat it will notify you by means of a direct message. To do this you need to follow Safego on Twitter.
You can also enable to send direct message from your account to those persons on your Follow list in whose accounts Safego has detected some issues.
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