7 Reasons Why Every Online Business Must Use Google Analytics

Living in 2012 and running an online business, means you are one of those Tech-geniuses who understands the nuances of the virtual trading business. But if you are not that Tech-genius, then it's not really a cause for concern – because you have the mantra for better online trade – the Google analytics.

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What the Google analytics tool does:

In order to understand what is happening on your website, you need to know about who visits you, who stays on your page, who browses, who buys and what the basic activity is like. The Google Analytics tool is a freeware that gives you all the above information, customized to your requirements. It simply tells you about the user behavior related to your website and it's up to you to make the most of this information.

So what is this important information that we talk about?

And how is it useful to your work? Is it at all worthy of your time?

Well, take a look below and decide for yourself!

Reasons why your online business needs to use Google Analytics

1. Source of traffic

Understanding the ROI on your SEO activities is almost mandatory if you want to earn profits. Where is the particular link which is bringing traffic? Which source is proving to be most effective in terms of generating interest in users? These questions are rather important while investing in online activities because it's always better to put your money where there are better results.

2. Adwords and keyword usage

The tool also presents the option to view Ad words and how they drive the traffic. It mentions the number of times your ad was flashed on the screen, the number of times the user clicked on it and the number of times a user purchased the product and so on and so forth. If the product was not purchased or if the buy was abandoned midway, what could be the reason? And where did the user go without buying the product? The graphical representation helps in understanding all these attributes and answering these questions so as to enable the user to d away with any possible obstacles that are hindering the process of buying.

3. Keywords

Analyzing the words which are actually luring people to come to your site is essential! The user basically keys in only the keywords while looking for something on the search engine. When such a user reaches your site, it is solely because of the words he types. So what were those words?
Knowing which keywords are strong for you and which are not; and optimizing on your strengths is something that Google’s analytics tool propels you towards.

4. Unique visitors

The unique visitor is your loyal customer- he comes to your website on a daily basis or frequently to check on updates and functionalities. The analytics tool gives you information on all these users. Such trends in user behaviors can be used for optimizing business.

5. Content optimization

Which page on your site is most popular? Which content does the user find interesting? Content optimization is something that empowers the owner of any website – knowing exactly what your visitors re enjoying or engaging in. The tool aptly indicates pages of maximum exposure and the pages which are barely visited. This way, you can get your content team to work on the leads and develop pages that draw visitors or possibly, improvise on existing material.

6. Time

Time spent on your website, on various pages, activities that visitors have indulged in – these are facts that can be used to benefit business. A popular page can be the best 'location' for your product or advertisement display.

7. Reports

Each visit report is recorded in a user friendly manner and with its graphical representations, makes it extremely useful for the business person.

These are seven - 7 - reasons why your online business can benefit from the Google Analytics tool – and above all, it are exhaustive, extensive and FREE! so, plunge in, sign-up and see what's in store for you!

Author's Bio:
Priti Pandya is an avid blogger who loves to write on topics related to social media. She also works as a content writer with an SEO Company that has been offering Article Writing Service and IM related services for the past six years.

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