How email extractor useful for bloggers

Email extractor software sends out spiders, or web-searching bots, that search and extract emails based on parameters you set, such as keyword or domain name. Email extractors are similar to search engines, but instead of searching each website, they only search emails. Email extractor speed varies depending on the software. The resulting emails that are found are called harvested emails.

Benefits And Uses

Email extractor software benefits include speed and email searching efficiency. It eliminates time spent searching, returns search results extremely fast and the emails can be quickly saved to your computer. Email extractor software can be used in businesses for email campaigning. Some software programs have export capability to export the emails to a text or spreadsheet document.

Search Locations
Email extractor software searches for emails within set locations. It searches for emails within the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN. It searches within a specific website, so you type the URL and it locates email addresses within all the pages of the URL. It searches for all information on your computer, including files and email programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Analytics Software

Once the email is extracted, email extractor results are displayed in an analytics section of the software. This section separates the search results by page, keyword, number of emails extracted, the URL where the email is located and, depending on the software, more in-depth information. Some software programs also have search capabilities within the resulting search, so you can further sort the data. Analytics software sorts the email search results efficiently.

Verification Software

Most email extractor software programs have verification software built into them, which eliminates spam emails and fake emails from the search results. Spam and fake emails have the potential to carry Internet worms and viruses, so it the verification software is a security measure against using harmful emails. The strength of the verification software varies depending on the software.

Email Newsletters
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