Top 10 Facebook Page Marketing Tips

Always keep one thing in your mind that Facebook is a biggest and robust network of people, exposing your brand there definitely brings you more and more profits and there is no loss on working on that side, so keep it in mind. A lot of webmasters used to ignore this, but i hope you will not do that kind of mistake.
This article teaches you about the do and do-not things with the Facebook page marketing, read the rest for your self.

Facebook Page Marketing Tips:

  1.   Post regularly: Post least once per day (you can take the weekends off if you like). As people are connecting with more people and Pages on Facebook, your post may be missed in their crowded News Feed. Being active on Facebook and posting often ensures that your business is staying in people’s minds.
  2. Vary your content: Post pictures, videos, questions, and links. People enjoy variety and different things will appeal to different people in your community. You may find you get more response and interaction from the pictures you post or maybe from a question. Track your interaction with the Insights area so you know what is working for you. The content and links don’t all have to come from your website. Posting links to other helpful articles or videos about your niche is encouraged.
  3. Respond to posts: If someone takes the time to comment on a post or post a greeting or question on your Wall, make sure you respond. You don’t have to respond to each and every comment in the thread of a post but make sure you acknowledge the conversation. With the e-mail notifications you receive, you can see when someone posts to your wall or comments. Nothing looks worse than a Facebook Page where the comments or posts go unanswered.
  4. Publicize your Page: Get the word out about your Facebook presence with a prominent link or Like Box on your website. Send an invitation to your e-mail list to come and Like you. Put a sign up in your local business about your Page. Put a link to your Facebook Page in your e-mail signature.
  5. Have a Welcome Page that new visitors land on: A custom landing page does not have to be terribly difficult. It can consist of an image that tells people a little more about yourself or your company and tells people to click the Like button. There are a variety of applications that can help you add this custom page.
  1. Be afraid of negative comments: Make sure you allow the community to comment on your posts or on your wall. Don’t be afraid if you get a bad review or negative feedback. Address the comment and try and provide customer service. Negative feedback can help you improve your processes or product. If the comment is completely unfounded or just in poor taste you can delete it.
  2. Have a boring Page: Add some excitement to your page with some of the Facebook applications. You can bring in your YouTube Channel, add a contest, add your blog, or bring in special offers that are available only for your Facebook Community. Make your Page a fun place to be.
  3. Oversell: Your Facebook community isn’t there for a pitch-fest. It’s OK to mention new products or a special sale or a workshop you are running from time to time. But make your posts 90% -95% useful and interesting content and 5-10% sales.
  4. Leave spam posts on your Page: You will get spam posts from people occasionally. You know the type, where someone posts a link on your wall to a miraculous product or money-making deal. It’s perfectly acceptable to delete these posts. The people that post them are not adding value to your community. If someone continues to post unwanted things on your wall, feel free to ban them. It’s your sandbox and you want to give your community value, not spam.
  5. Be too serious: Facebook is first and foremost a social place. People go on Facebook for fun and entertainment. Post some engaging questions, crazy news stories, or irreverent pictures from the office. Let your personality shine through a little. Just make sure everything is in good taste.

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